Trust Benefits

A Religious Trust can minimize the tax bite on a windfall profit like the RV.

  • No Annual Renewal Fees!
  • No Annual Taxes!
  • No Annual Service Fees!
  • Lifetime Support By A Peaceful Solution Foundation!
  • Assistance In Preparing Your Assignment Affidavit!
  • Filled Out SS-4 For Your Tax Exempt Employer Identification Number (EIN)!
  • Filled Out W-9, So The Trust’s Payors Will Not Do Back-Up Withholding!
  • Lifetime support, without cost!

What does it take to create a Religious Trust?

  • It will take no more than 48 hours to create your Trust, discounting Saturdays.
  • Court costs are $500

Methods of payments?

  • by wire transfer or check.  Please contact us for directions.
  • or with PayPal, simply click the link below.

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